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We are a non-profit and non-government organisation that provides women entrepreneurs access and resources to participate in business and networking opportunities in an ever changing global marketplace.

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We create opportunities for the development of members in business by assisting them with marketing and event promotional activities.

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To assist with the development of home-based business industries for women and encourage new members to go global

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To promote and empower women leadership at the international and international levels

Dato’ Elaine Teh

A Note from the President

2018 is a special year for women in Malaysia. The Malaysian Government announced 2018 as the Women Empowerment Year (WEY), putting aside a significant budget allocation on women empowerment initiatives such as the following:

  • the PEAK (Performance. Empowerment. Acceleration. Knowledge) Program to empower women in leadership and entrepreneurship. A 6 month fully sponsored leadership and entrepreneurship program for women aged 20 – 35.
  • a 12-month tax exemption for women re-entering the workforce after a minimum of 2 years break.
  • the requirement of a minimum 30% participation in the boards of Government Linked Companies (GLCs), Government-Link Investment Companies (GLIC) and statutory bodies.
  • to increase maternity leave from 60 to 90 days in the private sector, and total maternity leave from 300 to 360 days, with a maximum of 90 days per year in the public sector
  • the requirement for all new office buildings to have a childcare center for employees.

Obviously, we have a compelling role to improve lives, build nation and shape the future order of the world.

Specifically, for the IWFCIM, we have worked hard to line up a number of key initiatives that we believe will benefit all members.

The recent 2017 Feedback survey highlighted three key learnings that we will be acting upon in 2018, namely:

  • Members will feel included when they are involved in the IWFCIM initiatives and programs
  • Three key initiatives that members would like to see us doing more are:
    • Trade promotions
    • Entrepreneurs centric programs
    • Structured programs to enhance members profile and their business interests
  • Members can commit 2 hours a month of their time for IWFCIM activities

Based on these learnings, I am pleased to share with you our 2018 initiatives as summarized below:

Members Will Feel Included When They Are Involved In the IWFCIM Initiatives:

The Women in Commerce (wiCOM) Circle initiative calls for involvement from all members. It is a ground up initiative consisting of full involvement from all members to support each other in their pursuit to set up, sustain and grow their businesses. We piloted the first wiCOM Circle in August 2017 to test whether such model will work for us. The model requires a small group of between 8 to 12 individuals meeting and exchanging ideas together for 2 hours monthly. The model has worked well the past 4 months based on the pilot involving 9 individuals as depicted in these testimonials.  We plan to launch the initiative very soon, tentatively in March 2018 during the IWFCIM Open Day event. We will provide further communications about this event soon.

Three Key Initiatives That Members Would Like To See Us Doing More:

1.Trade Promotions: 
IWFCI Singapore leads the first trade promotion to the 5 ASEAN Countries from January 22nd until February 2nd, 2018. We are working closely with the IWFCI Singapore to ensure that our members can reap the benefits of meeting potential partners and creating new business opportunities in the ASEAN region. I urge all of you to participate.

The IWFCI’s signature event, the Global Women’s Trade Summit will be held in Mongolia on September 6th – 7th 2018. This is a great venue for us to network and promote our products and services. You can also plan to have your own programs prior to or after the Summit to cater specifically for your needs and target market. We can help connect you to the right contact in Mongolia provided you give us ample time to facilitate such request.

We are planning a few trade promotions this year. I will provide more information on this soon.

2.Entrepreneur Centric Programs:
We will be extending our social entrepreneurship initiative with the Beladin Fashion Centre students based on our initial success with them in the past year. We will kick off this initiative with a visit to the Beladin Fashion Center on January 28th – 30th, 2018. The Minister of Women, Family and Community Development will grace the occasion together with a number of other NGOs.

Under the umbrella of wiCOM, we will be conducting two key programs – Circles Quarterly and Industry Infosession – in 2018.

Circles Quarterly is a quarterly event for members to create awareness and promote their products and services. Anyone of the IWFCIM members is eligible for this program. wiCOM will be releasing the Circles Quarterly information package end of January 2018.

Industry Infosession is also a quarterly event for members. Its purpose is to enhance knowledge in industry related trends and issues. wiCOM will be releasing the Industry Infosession information package sometime in February 2018.

3.Structured Programs to Enhance Members Profile And Their Business Interests
Two key programs to enhance members profile and their business interests are the Mogul of the Month(MOM) and the wiCOM Market Place(WMP).

Mogul of the Month (MOM)

Mogul of the Month will feature an IWFCIM member on the wiCOM website for a month, citing her profile and business interest. You can have products and services promotions during this period supported by our social media properties. Please check on our January MOM – Lynn Bakar at this link:

wiCOM will be releasing information package on MOM to all members soon.

wiCOM Market Place (WMP)

wiCOM Market Place (WMP) is an ecommerce platform that we provide to all our members to market their products / services on-line. All IWFCIM members are eligible to participate on this platform. Please treat this channel as another marketing channel for yourself. You can continue marketing your products and services on any other on-line platform as you like. You can view the WMP as we launched at

wiCOM will be releasing information package on the WMP to all members soon.

Members can commit 2 hours a month of their time for IWFCIM activities

This will be our goal and expectation from all members. 2 hours a month of your time to be involved in our programs. I encourage everyone to be involved in all the structured programs that we have in 2018.

We plan to end 2018 with an Annual Retreat sometime in November as an expression of gratitude and appreciation for your participation and contribution.

I believe the above summarizes what to expect in 2018. You will receive details on each of the program in due time. At this juncture, you can view our overall activities in 2018 on our iwfcimwicom calendar.

Should you have any questions on the wiCOM programs, please contact Salwana Ali at 012-2381428 or email:

I look forward to meeting all of you in our future programs soon. Have a great 2018!

Dato’ Elaine Teh
President, IWFCIM

IWFCI Malaysia will build a strong network that will focus on business growth for our members through training, advisory services and most importantly through facilitating business opportunities in Malaysia and globally. It shall function as a One Stop Centre and (OSC) for the mentioned aims to collaborate and provide a value add mechanism for its members. An estimated 13 million women in Malaysia have been engaging in entrepreneurship.

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We are a non-profit and non-government organisation that provides women entrepreneurs access and resources to participate in business and networking opportunities in an ever changing global marketplace.

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