The gender ratio shall be 80 percent female and 20 percent male. Individual Membership is open to women who are engaged in a variety of businesses and professions. Corporate membership will for corporate institutions whose Executive Director or one of the Directors is a woman.Young Entrepreneur Membership will be for women between the ages of 18 to 28 years old. Associate Membership will be for men or foreigners residing or having a business in Malaysia.
All individuals and Young Entrepreneur Members who are at least 21 years of age shall have the right to vote and hold office.

Application for Membership

A person wishing to join the Federation should submit her/his particulars to the Secretary on a prescribed form duly signed. A corporation including affiliate partners wishing to join the Federation should submit particulars of the company and Directors to the Secretary on a prescribed form duly signed, witnessed and fixed with a company stamp. The Executive Board will decide on the application for membership within seven (7) working days.
A copy of the Constitution shall be furnished to every approved member upon payment of the entrance fee.

Be part of the team – we work and help each other to prosper together.

*Membership appointment will be accepted once the Executive Committee gives the approval.
Also the 13 million figure on women entrepreneurs to be slotted in for Malaysia chapter.