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Malaysia is proud to host the inaugural International Women’s Federation of Commerce and Industry (IWFCI, Malaysia) Global Women’s Trade Summit happening on the 4th & 5th of September 2017. In line with today’s global economic climate the theme of the summit is “Women; Changing the Global Economy”.

This two-day power packed summit features leading international thought leaders, successful entrepreneurs and high-level corporate figures who will be sharing their journey and experiences with delegates. The itinerary includes Industrial visits to leading Malaysian manufacturing facilities, an exciting fund raising gala night with a couture fashion show as well as an interesting line up of Accompanying Persons Programme to showcase the beautiful sights of Malaysia. Being an international event – we welcome delegates all the way from Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, China, India, Korea, Russia, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka – you will have the golden opportunity to feature your company, products and services with excellent international exposure through participation in our exhibition. At the same time, we will be celebrating Malaysia National Women’s Day with our delegates from countries around the world.


Manhattan Ballroom,
Berjaya Times Square Hotel
Kuala Lumpur, KL


Sunday to Wednesday
September 4 to 5, 2017


YAB Dato’Sri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak

Prime Minister of Malaysia

I am delighted to welcome you all to the Global Women’s Trade Summit 2017. This is the first to be hosted in Kuala Lumpur, by the newly formed Malaysian branch of the International Women’s Federation of Commerce and Industry (IWFCI).

My congratulations to YBhg Dato’ Elaine Teh, President of IWFCI Malaysia, and to YB Dato’ Sri Rohani Abdul Karim, Minister of Women, Family and Community Development, and their teams for Organising this event, which comes, appropriately, just after we have celebrated Malaysia’s National Women’s Day.

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The theme for this year’s summit is “Women: Changing the Global Economy” – a theme that resonates strongly with us, as know that as we strive to achieve our goal of Malaysia becoming an inclusive, sustainable and equitable high-income status nation, it is vital that women are supported in playing as full a role as possible in every section and at every level of society.

The Government has always recognised the crucial role played by Malaysian women, both in advancing our national development and nurturing future generations. Our Economic Transformation would simply not be possible without their contributions.

I’m glad to say it that since this Government took office in 2009, women have made great strides. The female labour force participation rate has increased from 46 percent to 54.3 percent last year — which is over 700,000 more women in the workforce.

We have implemented plans to improve access to the job market for all women: from skills-training for housewives and entrepreneurship opportunities for single mothers; to micro-credit facilities for women in rural communities; to training programmes for high-level professionals, and making it easier for child care centres to be set up in the private sector.

Women now make up 30 percent of top management, and we have set 2020 as the date by which we want all public listed companies to have all at least 30 percent women at board level. Because we know that when women succeed, we all succeed.

I am sure that the IWFCI summit will be a source of huge encouragement to Malaysian women entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses, to take them to the regional or even the global level, and enable them to connect and network with others from around the world, giving greater opportunities to all.

Thank you for your dedication to developing the business platform for women in Malaysia even further. I am sure that this will bring not only fresh perspectives and solutions, but will forge links between potential business partners; and we are proud that IWFCI holding this summit here in Kuala Lumpur is recognition of the important we have always placed on advancing the cause of, and opportunities for, women.

I wish you every success.

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YB Dato’ Sri Rohani Abdul Karim

Minister of Women,
Family and Community Development

Welcome to the beginning of a chapter in Malaysian history, the launch of the IWFCI on the local soil of trade, investment, and economic activity.

Women are a demographic within our society that holds positive prospect. Recent times bring more people interested in trade and business, especially women from all sorts of backgrounds. Of course, trade and investment are powerful drivers of Malaysia’s economy; the nation flourishes when the economy climbs, leading to better opportunities for everyone.

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The “International Women’s Federation of Commerce and Industry” is a growing force of international ladies empowered and ready to take on broader challenges. Within the last few months, our own Dato’ Elaine, among others, has been working tirelessly to ensure that Malaysia will be counted in. Now, Malaysian women, full of internationally untapped potential, will have the access and tools to connect to others overseas, and even with each other nationwide, to work towards their corporate goals.

The ability to reach fresh ideas and possibilities is a blessing, not just to corporate women but to the entire country. The services offered by the IWFCI encompass basic business needs, global assets and mileage from the building of a female-centric industry.

It goes without saying that the community benefits greatly from this action, but let’s delve into how. Disadvantaged women from rural areas, low-income households, single wives with children, all stand a better chance. When one woman is lifted, she becomes better able to lift another; so far, esteemed members have proven this by their passionate dedication to teaching disadvantaged women how to grow their own business.

To quote an old saying, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Ladies, I am certain that the IWFCI will be just the resource you require for your professional and entrepreneurial targets.

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YBhg Dato’ Elaine Teh

President, IWFCI Malaysia

Today, a new era begins in corporate Malaysia, and a new world of opportunities opens up for an estimated 13 million local women entrepreneurs. Today, an arm of the “International Women’s Federation of Commerce and Industry” is born, and a link in the global chain of international commerce settles in Malaysia. As President of the IWFCI Malaysia chapter, I am honoured to launch it on the Malaysia National Women’s Day.

There are plenty of enterprising women in this country, and acres of room to grow in both government and corporate spaces. It would be a shame not to provide a next step for these promising entrepreneurs, not to mention the connections waiting to be made beyond the nation’s borders. Our cause is women empowerment, but also a deeper understanding that surrounds it: when a society can afford to uplift its citizens, it uplifts itself.

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The people at IWFCI are passionate. We care about bringing in more opportunities for women here and assisting those who require assistance. Our objective is to build a resilient network focusing on business growth for our members through training, advisory services, and facilitating business opportunities both locally and globally. We also aim to start major change in underprivileged groups of women, and optimistically, guide them to obtaining better profits.

Having assembled the selected team, IWFCI Malaysia is now ready to take off. We would like to thank everyone who supported the endeavour, and we hope that we will continue to have your support. We especially appreciate the government for providing their encouragement and presence throughout our efforts.

How do you forge a connection between people who are physically miles apart? In a time where branching globally is literally at one’s fingertips, utilizing the digital platform is just the natural direction to take. We produced a portal that shall showcase members’ services and products:

As the trade and commerce industry booms ever bigger on the global front, we intend to steer Malaysia’s prospects into ever brighter terrain. We extend a hand to you, to join us on this visionary journey.

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Diana R. Abruzzi

Founder – International Chair, IWFCI

It is with great excitement and anticipation and a sincere thank you to IWFCI Malaysian Chairman Dato Elaine Teh and her team, with the outstanding support of the Malaysian Government has enabled us to once again welcome women from many nations to the third annual IWFCI “Global Women’s Trade Summit” in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

I cannot emphasise enough that no price can be placed on the building of networks for women in business – the sharing of knowledge, the formation of strong new friendships, the exchange of trade and economic opportunity, and the discovery of new ideas.

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This is why IWFCI goes to such great sacrifice to facilitate summits like this, to generate a business nucleus for women.

If we can begin to understand that women now control over US$20 trillion dollars in expenditure worldwide. That’s an economic impact greater than the USA, China and India’s economies combined. Making today women owned businesses the true “growth market enterprises”.

As IWFCI continues to evolve we have seen materialise an international network A – FEDERATION – of women leaders who with their own giftedness, courage and determination have forged economic opportunities for themselves, their countries and for their families.

A Federation of nations with a mandate by its members to open the trade routes across the Asia Pacific and beyond for Women.

As a result of this initiative, today we have chapters and affiliates across three continents, and in twelve countries. Places like Australia, India, Vietnam, Russia, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, china, Korea, USA, Bangladesh and more.

Places where women can trade together and help each other secure social opportunity and economic security – operating like a true International Women’s Federation of Commerce and Industry

I look forward to spending quality time with each and every one of you over the coming days in Malaysia.


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Day 1 September 4, 2017 | Day 2 September 5, 2017


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The Summit will be held in Manhattan Ballroom, Berjaya Times Square Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
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Manhattan Ballroom,
Berjaya Times Square Hotel,
1 Jalan Imbi Kuala Lumpur,
Wilayah Persekutuan
Kuala Lumpur 55100